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Oral cancer is prevalent, yet preventable. Three people die from oral cancer everyday in Canada – making the five-year survival rate of oral cancer lower than the survival rates of breast, cervical and prostate cancer. However, the potential for death is significantly reduced if cancer is detected early, making treatment easier, less invasive and more than 90% curable.

Age and excessive alcohol and tobacco use are leading risk factors for oral cancer; however, 25% of those who suffer from the disease have no risk factors. Recent studies also indicate that infection of the oral cavity with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) may also be a risk factor.

Taking preventative measures such as undergoing an oral cancer check is the best way to monitor your oral health. An oral cancer check is simple, painless and only takes a few minutes. After a traditional visual and physical oral examination, your mouth is examined using a safe fluorescent visualization source. This helps your dentist identify any lesions that could potentially be cancerous.

Just as a yearly physical is an essential part of your health care, a yearly oral cancer check is essential for providing early detection. It is recommended that Canadians be checked for oral cancer on a yearly basis.

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